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100% Grassfed Meats

Grassfed Certified Organic Beef: Ground Beef, Steaks, Roasts and Bones.


Grassfed Lamb: Ground Lamb, Lamb Chops, and Roasts. Ground Lamb Sausage

Farm Store Hours: Saturday's 10 - 2; or buy appointment. Contact Free Pick Up. Delivery available

Grassfed lamb is a seasonal product, ordered in the spring and summer with a fall delivery, generally before the holidays.  Contact the farm for more information. We currently have LAMB in stock

Organic Hay and Forage

Our animals graze seasonally, we feed them certified organic hay and forage that we grow and make ourselves. Some years we have a surplus in feed which is sold. Contact the farm for more information. 

Garden Compost

We compost the manure from our bedded packs. This material breaks down into a nutrient rich product that is full of organic matter, micro-organisms, insects and red wiggler worms. It is a great amendment for our pastures and hay fields and your garden and lawns. Contact the farm for more information. 

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